Mackenzie's Fisherman Hand Scrub & Salve Combo

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Featured in Bon Appetit, Good Housekeeping and Epicurious, more and more people are looking to get their hands on MacKenzie’s!  This is the perfect pairing for gifting or keeping on hand in your own kitchen.  

Whether on the boat, in the kitchen, or the yard, keep hands clean and fresh with this  blend of scouring walnut husks, cleansing soap, and deodorizing lemon essential oil. This hand scrub (6 oz) smells ah-mazing!

What started out as a great gift for everyone’s favorite fisherman has since gained a much broader following thanks to its unparalleled ability to clean and deodorize hands, cutting boards and cast iron after working with garlic, onions or fish. These same qualities have attracted fans within the gardening community after proving to make quick work of stubborn dirt and stained hands.

The Hand Salve (1.5 oz) is just the right follow up to the Hand Scrub, full of only the best natural skin conditioners with the fresh smell of lemon essential oil and ready to tackle the driest skin. 

Get this combo of Hand Scrub & Salve for only $25 now, while supplies last.