Easter Essentials

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You loved our Top 5 Favorite Easter Gifts For Kids, how about an Easter Essentials list for the rest of us?  Check out our recs for a fun, easy and memorable celebration:

Thymes Fresh-Cut Basil Sink Set: Whether you're hosting or need a hostess gift, this hand wash and lotion set are sure to bring a touch of spring to the celebration with it's clean, fresh scent and gorgeous green packaging (we're all still washing our hands religiously, right?).  Pair it with one of these beautiful towels from Couleur Nature for a truly complete set.

Confections to Savor:  Don't settle for bad chocolate!  If you're going to indulge in sweets, make sure they're special!  Choose from:

  • Limited edition chocolate dipped caramel bunnies from Mouth Party (the softest, most indulgent caramel that we have trouble keeping in stock!).  
  • Adorable Cookies & Cream or Milk Chocolate bunnies from Hammond's (those ears!).
  • Spring confetti Popcorn from Poppy with roasty-toasty caramel corn, drizzles of white and dark chocolate, pastel M&M's, and caramelized pretzels, all in the most festive packaging (great for gifting or serving).
  • Caramel marshmallow eggs from Hammond's Handmade Candies. 




Fresh flowers (or are they??):  We have plenty of faux flowers that will make it feel like Spring has arrived in your home (without any of the hassle or care of real flowers).   Plus, we have plenty of Fresh Cut paper flowers if you want to mail a colorful, whimsical, and earth friendly flower bouquet pop up greeting card to someone afar.  


Cashmere Toppers:  What WILL the weather be like?  It's always a tricky time of  year to know how to dress, but our cashmere toppers keep you looking polished and pretty, and are just the layer you need to stay at just the right temp, no matter what the weather.  These toppers can be worn four different ways and make for great gifts as well, since they aren't sized.


Provisions: Last but not least, are you all set with tapers, cocktail napkins, swedish dishcloths, kitchen towels, etc.?  It's the festive details and finishing touches that help elevate these events in our memories from the every day.


Stop in at Initial Attraction to get all the essentials you need to help create festive and memorable gatherings and celebrations that are sure to be fondly remembered for years to come.

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