Plus Plus - A No Brainer Gift for Kids!

Posted by Bree Hahn on

We're so excited about the new toys from Plus Plus that have joined the Initial Attraction lineup!  These are great for gifting for kids 2 - 12 year old.

I bought these at retail for my kids when we were out of town, and they have loved them and played with them so much that I told Meme we HAD to bring them in to Initial Attraction.  The plus shaped toys fit together in whatever way a child desires (2D or 3 D) -- they're only limited by their imaginations! 

This award winning educational STEM toy help kids hone fine motor skills, creativity, design, focus, patience and imagination.  Plus Plus has kits for kids ranging in ages from 2 - 12. and boys and girls alike love them (my 4 year old son and 9 year old daughter can vouch for that).


I like to tuck one in my purse to take to restaurants to keep my kids engaged while we wait for our food.  I also like that they easily store right back in the tube that they came in and are all the same size for easy cleanup (no teeny tiny pieces missed!).  Lastly, I especially love the price - you won't have sticker shock from buying a tube of Plus Plus and you'll love easily (and affordably) adding to their collections.

If you're looking for a no-brainer gift that they're sure to love (and think of you when they're playing with it), Plus Plus is the way to go.


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